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Vito Botta

Developer | Ethical Hacker | Bug Bounty Hunter

Hi! I'm Vito, a seasoned IT professional based in Finland with over two decades of experience spanning various industries and different types of systems and applications.In my current role as Lead Platform Architect at event management platform Brella, I oversee all technical aspects of our system. My responsibilities include:- Making important decisions regarding every aspect of the platform from an architecture point of view
- Establishing and maintaining coding best practices
- Managing our infrastructure, particularly Kubernetes and other resources in Google Cloud
- Mentoring our development team
- Conducting internal penetration tests
This position allows me to leverage my broad technical expertise while ensuring the platform's security and scalability.Outside of work, I pursue my passion for cybersecurity as a bug bounty hunter. I dedicate my free time to identifying and responsibly disclosing vulnerabilities in web applications, continuously honing my skills in ethical hacking.If you're passionate about web development, DevOps, cybersecurity or interested in professional collaboration, I'm open to networking opportunities and consulting inquiries. Feel free to reach out!