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Building DynaSite in public: First Google ad


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I've had interesting discussions with people offered feedback for the landing page and advice, and some of these people recommended I try some paid ads to "test the market" even though the product is still under development and all visitors can do is join a waitlist for now.

So I opened a new Google account and create a single ad with some nice copy (with the help of ChatGPT of course) and some long tail keywords that I found after doing some research using Keywords Everywhere, an awesome Chrome extension that allows you to add keyword research information (including suggestions for variations of the current keyword and long tail keywords) including the difficulty of competition, the cost per click and the search volume for each keyword.

I really like it because it integrates keyword research directly into Google searches and it's also inexpensive - I paid just $15 for 100K credits and after lots of searches I've only used a small fraction of that credit.

Since it's a new Google Ads account it's still under review and it seems it may take up to 2 days for the ads to be showing if approved.

For the budget I set a low amount per day just for testing, also because the keywords I used are low competition and not particularly expensive. But all the keywords I chose are examples of keywords that non tech-savvy small business owners would likely use on Google if they are not familiar with the technicalities and costs of creating a website and are looking for an easy way to establish their presence online.

Really curious to see the results, especially considering that the description in the ads invites you to join the waitlist, so who reads it might gather that the product is not ready so if they click is even more a sign of interest.
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