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Building DynaSite in public: Migrated to dynasite.ai


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I know what you are thinking... "didn't you just migrate to dynasite.dev?" That's true, but stupid me I hadn't thought about registering the .ai domain despite AI being our main feature... So I was glad when someone pointed out. It took some work because I had to change/update many things but now everything is on the dynasite.dev domain. Other than that, everything is still the same.

I made a change to the schedule for the Google ad to optimise it for European and US/Canada visitors. The reason is that I was getting many signups to the waitlist from countries with very low purchasing power, so I don't think many of those would actually convert to paid users.

Once we launch and start having customers we'll look into implementing purchasing power parity, but for now I want to keep things simple.

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