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Building DynaSite in public: Results of first day with Google Ads


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Google reviewed and approved my add much more quickly than I thought and started serving the single ad I created at around 4.30/5.00pm today.

It's midnight here now and so far the ad has generated: 

  • 2446 impressions in Google search
  • 167 clicks for a CTR of 6.83%
  • of these 167 clicks, 22 converted, meaning that those people joined the waitlist.

Considering that

  • it was the first ad and I don't have experience with ads
  • I only got some help from ChatGPT to generate the copy
  • I did some basic keyword research, after than I applied some recommendations from Google
  • the ad, in many versions of the copy, mentions "join the waitlist", so most of the people who clicked on the ad actually knew they would only be joining a waitlist

I think it's not bad! The ad so far cost around 18 euros. Now if instead of joining a waitlist people could actually sign up and try the product right away, I assume more people would have clicked on the ad, and more people would have signed up. 

But even if it was just 22 signups, it's not bad for 8 hours I think. Depending on the pricing I will do, if even one only out of those 22 people converted to paid - 4.54% - this first run of the ad would have been repaid in 1-2 months. It it good? is it bad? I don't know, it depends on the customer lifetime value some other stuff I am not sure yet. I need to learn this stuff.

Overall I think that if 167 people clicked the ad in 7-8 hours even if it clearly mentions "waitlist", and 22 people joined the waitlist, surely it must mean that there is interest?

I have these credits from Google so I will keep the ad running until they finish. Let's see where this goes.
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