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Building DynaSite in public: I have a cofounder


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As I mentioned recently I was discussing with a colleague from work at Brella, Paavo, about him joining the project. I am very happy because he is now on board! So I have a cofounder. This should help speed things up compared to doing everything myself, and he's a seasoned frontend developer, so he will help a lot with the page builder in particular.

We now need to discuss a plan on how to move forward and the scope of features etc for the version we'll be launching with. 

In other news, the ad continues to do well and I haven't changed anything about it yet. So far:

- 11854 impressions
- 1004 clicks, CTR 8.47%
- Conversions 93, conversion rate 9.26%
- Cost 99.79, so 1.07 euro per conversion

Google Ads offered some recommendations on how to improve it so I will try those, but so far it's looking good.
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