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Hi, I’m Vito Botta, a web developer based in Espoo, Finland. I work as senior backend developer for event management platform Brella (https://www.brella.io/).

Technology is my passion, and has always been since I was a kid. In particular, I have always been interested in programming, security, and all the technologies which nowadays make it possible to easily share information and communicate across the globe, namely the Internet.

As for work, I specialise in the design and development of modern, user-centred web applications, with a strong interest in performance and scalability. I tend not to stick to a particular technology or tool set; I enjoy working with whichever technologies and tools that best suit the needs of each project. However, for the past several years my tools of choice for most projects have been the Ruby language and the Ruby on Rails framework. Apart from the usual coding, I particularly love researching into best practices and exploring new techniques related to web programming as well as security. However, my interest in technology knows no boundaries.

…this blog

I like to think of this blog as of my own little space on the web where I can collect thoughts, ideas, and experiences I would like to share on topics related to web technologies and occasionally to technology in general. Here I can post articles, tutorials and comments on subjects that are interesting to me and might be interesting or useful to other web professionals too. A particular reason, in fact, for this blog, is that I’d also like to give my contribution back to the community. I am subscribed myself to tons of other blogs, and over the years these blogs have been an invaluable source of information, inspiration, and help. Blogs often offer tips, ideas, and the kind of help you can’t easily find in a book, and on countless occasions a blog post written by some good guy would save my day and help me get the job done.

As a developer, I have to face small to not-so-small challenges every day, and often I also manage to come up with ideas and solutions of my own or as the result of research; while for a long time these solutions and ideas have fed into my own notebooks for my sole benefit, this blog now enables me to share them with the community as a way to say “Thanks”.

I am always interested in feedback and look forward to hearing your thoughts, so please feel free to contact me or comment on any posts. If you would like to make a guest post please let me know; any suggestions for posts are also most welcome.

If you’re in or around the Helsinki area here in Finland, and want to get together to talk about the web, technology or anything else that we may have in common, feel free to reach out. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading these pages!

Vito Botta

I am a passionate web developer based in Espoo, Finland. I am senior backend developer at brella.io. Besides computing, I love boxing, martial arts, and good food!

This blog

Hi, I'm Vito, a passionate web developer based in Espoo, Finland. I work as senior backend developer at brella.io.

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