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Building DynaSite in public: Reviewing again the target audience


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Very short update today. I was quite said when earlier today I learned that Webflow now supports direct integration with Figma so designers can design a website almost with no limits in Figma and just export it to Webflow... very easily.

I can't compete with that as that feature alone is a massive project and this makes it even harder to convince freelancers and web agencies to try DynaSite.

For this reason, I had to take a step back and review the target audience again. At this stage I still need to do more research to see who would be the ICP, but in the meantime since I didn't want to leave anymore the references to Webflow etc on the landing page, I asked .. ChatGPT and Bard what they thought the ICP could be, after a long conversation where I described the product, what it does now, what it is going to do at launch and later in the roadmap, and what I think the key features are - that is, ease of use and AI assistance.

Both ChatGPT and Bard concluded that the ICP for DynaSite would be.... drum roll... small businesses.

I already had considered small business before, but at the time I was targeting them as well as freelancers, bloggers and nonprofits.

I know that I need to niche down, therefore for the time being, until I have learnt more and have more data, I will be focusing only on small businesses, so I have updated the landing page copy accordingly.

I haven't advertised the page much, just in a few places to get some feedback really, so it's OK to make frequent changes now that there are not many visitors and we are still far away from the launch.

In the next days and weeks I hope I will manage to find some proven process, or tools, to help me better define the ICP the best way. I wish I had the cash to afford proper market research made by some expensive services...
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