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Building DynaSite in public: pivoting!


After careful deliberation, my cofounder and I have decided to pivot to another product in an unrelated market, that is closer to my area of expertise. The new project is a platform for Kubernetes services, and I will share more details later on.

We realised that building a website builder with AI features that would be better than what's already in the market would have taken us a much longer time than we originally anticipated.

We both have a day job and my cofounder, who takes care of the frontend stuff, can't commit as many hours to side projects as I can, so it was going to be an even bigger challenge since DynaSite would be a frontend heavy project.

This new project we are pivoting to is backend heavy, so I think we should be able to have a first version of the product in a shorter time, hopefully within 4 to 6 months.

I will pause these updates for now and resume them when I have a bit more of a plan for this new product and clearer ideas.
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