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Building DynaSite in public: migrated to new .io domain


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Several people who offered some feedback over the past week said that they didn't like the .host extension for my domain, so today I migrated everything to dynasite.dev instead. .io domains are quite popular and not too expensive. I wish I could buy the .com but it's been unused for ages.

In other news, the Google ad is doing quite well still.  So far, total:

- 9839 impressions
- 806 clicks for a CTR of 8.19%
- 67 conversions (people joining the waitlist), for a conversion rate of 8.31%
- cost 70.79 euros

This means a cost per conversion of 1 euro. I don't think it's too bad, considering that each of them could be a sign up for a recurring charge. Next week I will see if I can improve the ad further, but more or less I am happy to keep it that way while I go ahead with building the product.

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