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Can we have SSL everywhere?

  • 20 min read

SSL everywhere? Is that possible? There has been a lot of talking, over the past few months, about a Firefox extension called Firesheep which, in the words of author Eric Butler, “demonstrates HTTP session hijacking…

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Thoughts on the Nokia-Microsoft deal

  • 15 min read

You may already know, by now, that the world’s largest mobile phone maker Nokia and software giant Microsoft signed last friday a long term partnership, which will see Nokia hardware running the latest version of Microsoft’s…

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Web typography: where we are today

  • 30 min read

TL;DR & Disclaimer I am not a web designer myself, in that web design is not my main skill nor what I do for a living. However, as a web developer, whereas I may sometimes struggle to choose two colors that fit well together…

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share_counts Ruby gem and social networks

  • 10 min read

This is a post about the share_counts Ruby gem I wrote. I was looking for a way to quickly check at once how many times a URL has been shared on the most popular social networks and aggregators, but I couldn’t find any. So I…

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Prettier, user friendly printing of Ruby objects

  • 12 min read

If you, like me, don’t like too much how Ruby objects usually look when displayed in a console (output on single lines, lack of indentation, and so on), it’s likely you also have looked for ways to prettify this kind of…

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MySQL hot backups with Percona Xtrabackup

  • 16 min read

A better alternative to mysqldump? In the previous post, we’ve seen how to perform backups and restores of MySQL databases using the mysqldump tool bundled with the MySQL server distribution, together with a few tricks that…

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Smarter MySQL backups and restores

  • 15 min read

Introduction This is the first part of a mini series that will cover various topics related to MySQL administration (in particular MySQL backups and restores) as well as several tips and tricks on using MySQL in our applications…

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