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Migrate from WordPress to Jekyll

  • 59 min read

So, as promised, here’s the second part of a two parts series on what I did to migrate from WordPress to Jekyll. See the previous post on why I switched from WordPress to Jekyll. Here’s the (technical) steps I had to take in…

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Why I switched from WordPress to Jekyll

  • 15 min read

This is a two parts post on why I switched from WordPress to Jekyll for this blog. In this first part, I’ll mention the main reasons why I grew tired of WordPress and that led me to look for alternatives. I will publish over…

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Can we have SSL everywhere?

  • 20 min read

SSL everywhere? Is that possible? There has been a lot of talking, over the past few months, about a Firefox extension called Firesheep which, in the words of author Eric Butler, “demonstrates HTTP session hijacking…

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Thoughts on the Nokia-Microsoft deal

  • 15 min read

You may already know, by now, that the world’s largest mobile phone maker Nokia and software giant Microsoft signed last friday a long term partnership, which will see Nokia hardware running the latest version of Microsoft’s…

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Web typography: where we are today

  • 30 min read

TL;DR & Disclaimer I am not a web designer myself, in that web design is not my main skill nor what I do for a living. However, as a web developer, whereas I may sometimes struggle to choose two colors that fit well together…

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share_counts Ruby gem and social networks

  • 10 min read

This is a post about the share_counts Ruby gem I wrote. I was looking for a way to quickly check at once how many times a URL has been shared on the most popular social networks and aggregators, but I couldn’t find any. So I…

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Prettier, user friendly printing of Ruby objects

  • 12 min read

If you, like me, don’t like too much how Ruby objects usually look when displayed in a console (output on single lines, lack of indentation, and so on), it’s likely you also have looked for ways to prettify this kind of…

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