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KVM LVM backup, cloning, and more

  • 11 min read

This is a follow up to my previous post in which I explained how to set up a KVM virtual machines host, so if you haven’t set up a host yet, you may want to read that post first. In the previous post I’ve described how to set…

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KVM virtual machines host set up

  • 14 min read

Note: this is a sort of mini series in two parts on getting started with KVM. In this first part, we’ll see how to set up a KVM virtual machines host. In the next post, I write about KVM LVM backup, cloning and more. Why…

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Custom RSpec matchers and blocks

  • 12 min read

Custom RSpec matchers and blocks Having used RSpec as my favourite testing framework for a while now, one of the aspects that I like the most about it is that it has some very useful built in matchers that enable you to test…

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Reapply thermal paste on a Macbook Pro

  • 12 min read

Why would you want to reapply thermal paste on a MacBook Pro? A little story. My main machine these days is a mid-2010 15″ Macbook Pro powered by a dual core i5 (2.53GHz) CPU. I also have a better performing Hackintosh at home…

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Rest in peace, Steve

  • 3 min read

I would like to salute a man whose vision, creativity and achievements have indeed contributed for decades to improving our lives. A genius whose incredible eye and passion for great design and user experience will live forever…

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Syslog woes

  • 10 min read

About a week ago I was helping some colleagues, from our Ukrainian team, investigate a weird issue they found with a client, following the deployment of a new version of our cloud management software. The problem was that soon…

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Sinatra contact form for Jekyll blogs

  • 16 min read

In the previous two posts I explained why I switched from WordPress to Jekyll for my blog, and a quite detailed guide on how to perform the migration. If you haven’t heard of Jekyll before, or are planning to…

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