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Transfer files through an intermediate server

  • 1 min read

Sometimes I need to copy files from a remote server, but I can only access it through an intermediate server due to some restrictions, so here’s a couple of ways to transfer files through an intermediate server. The first…

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Percona Galera MySQL Cluster

  • 19 min read

Why a MySQL cluster This post describes how to set up a Percona Galera MySQL Cluster with synchronous replication and load balancing. I have been using MySQL for many years as the RDBMS of choice for most applications; it does…

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L2TP IPSec VPN for private browsing

  • 8 min read

Why an L2TP IPSec VPN I use VPNs all the time these days to access resources that I have restricted on the servers I manage. I also want to be able to watch live TV programs from various countries regardless of where I am; in…

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KVM LVM backup, cloning, and more

  • 11 min read

This is a follow up to my previous post in which I explained how to set up a KVM virtual machines host, so if you haven’t set up a host yet, you may want to read that post first. In the previous post I’ve described how to set…

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KVM virtual machines host set up

  • 14 min read

Note: this is a sort of mini series in two parts on getting started with KVM. In this first part, we’ll see how to set up a KVM virtual machines host. In the next post, I write about KVM LVM backup, cloning and more. Why…

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Custom RSpec matchers and blocks

  • 12 min read

Custom RSpec matchers and blocks Having used RSpec as my favourite testing framework for a while now, one of the aspects that I like the most about it is that it has some very useful built in matchers that enable you to test…

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