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Building DynaSite in public: David vs Goliath


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Since I decided to go after freelancers and agencies with DynaSite, I thought "what the heck" and updated the copy on the landing page to mention Webflow directly already even if it's still early days in the development. 

It feels like a David vs Goliath kind of thing but I think it's better to tell people who might be interested why they should consider DynaSite. And the reason is that this tool will not suffer from the same learning curve you have with Webflow, making it easier for beginners or clients to manage sites by themselves post-development.

So the key word is simplicity. Once I have more work done on the page builder I will then add some comparison pages vs Webflow and others.

There's so much to do.. and with this stuff being late to the game makes things more complicated. 

Today I had another discussion with a colleague of mine at Brella who seems interested in joining the project, but he still needs a few days to do some research and evaluate the amount of work he'd need to do on his side of things, if he decides to join.

If he does, it means that while he works on the page builder I can finish some architectural improvements as well as implement newsletters, contact forms, subscriptions and payments and, maybe, start work on the ecommerce features, since most competitors already have those.

If he doesn't, then I need to go back to the drawing board and rethink how to go from there and what I need to do next. 

I would be so happy if I/we could launch in 3-4 months!

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