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Building DynaSite in public: Considering the help of a co-founder


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I have been thinking lately that perhaps I should seek the help of a co-founder rather than going entirely solo on this project.

I have a ton to learn about lots of non-coding related stuff, so another brain could bring new perspectives and help me define a strategy as we build the product.

But it would be nice to get some help with coding related tasks as well, since this could help me launch earlier than I could if I had to do absolutely everything myself.

For example I would need some help with the visual page builder and the frontend side of the AI assistant; I actually bought a library with the goal of speeding up this process, but I am unhappy with some things so I am thinking of building it completely from scratch. But it would take time, and with these things time is money.

So last week I was discussing with a colleague of mine at Brella about DynaSite, and he seems quite interested in the project and might be able to help; he needs to think a little about it to see if he can commit to it, but if he can it would be a big help, because he's a seasoned frontend developer and therefore he could help a lot with building a new page builder from scratch the way I have it in mind. 

This way I could focus on the backend for the most part, at the same time, since I still have a lot to do in that department. This could help speed things up quite a lot I think so I am hoping he can commit to helping with the project.
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