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Building DynaSite in public: AI features


Following up to the previous update, I have further updated the landing page after receiving some valuable feedback from the first people who saw it. I haven't really advertised the landing page much yet. Will do perhaps next week.

(See also following post on Considering the help of a co-founder)

Today I've made these changes:

  1. emphasised the availability of AI features that help the user to both design the site and generate/improve content from blog posts
  2. replaced the video in the hero with one that shows a small sneak peak of the AI assistant in action
  3. shortened most of the copy (there was too much text) while also improving its descriptiveness
  4. fixed some responsiveness issues on mobiles
  5. added a section about nonprofit organizations since I think they would be a got fit as potential customers (usually teams of non technical people with low budgets)
  6. improved the section about what sets DynaSite apart
  7. added a separate page with the most likely question non technical people might ask about the service

Number 5 means that I have added more to the target audience instead of narrowing down... this is really just me not having figured out who my ideal customer profile is, so for the time being I have selected groups of people who would value the simplicity of the tool at an affordable price. But as I read more advice from experienced founders I will try to make a decision on who I want to be my customer more selectively.

I already had the book "Zero to sold" by Arvid Kahl and it's pretty good as I expected after reading many positive comments about it. I also bought "The SaaS playbook" by Rob Walling and can't wait to start it, as it's from someone with a huge experience in building SaaS business, so I am pretty sure I will find awesome advice in the book.

That wraps it up for today. I will now watch some YouTube videos with talks by a founder I admire, Jason Cohen of WP-Engine fame, before going to bed. I have already watched some of his talks and wow, the guy is awesome.
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