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Manage active sessions in Rails

  • 5 min read

In an app I’m working on, I wanted users to be able to manage active sessions and sign out from any device they are signed in on, by invalidating logins. There’s a gem called authie that does this so you may want to…

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Systemd timers configuration in Gentoo

  • 2 min read

Yesterday I configured backups with duplicity on a couple of servers using a 3rd party service, rsync.net, as the backup destination; since I am a little paranoid with backups I also wanted to schedule a daily task on my computer…

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Postfix SMTP relay configuration in Gentoo

  • 1 min read

A Postfix SMTP relay configuration can be useful in several scenarios. Sometimes, for example, I want to have some email notifications sent to my email address by my computer at home, for example to receive reports of some…

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Installing Gentoo on MacBook Pro

  • 13 min read

I recently decided to switch from OSX to Linux and went with Gentoo, so this post describes how install Gentoo on MacBook Pro. IMO the installation isn’t as complicated and difficult as many think it is, so I eventually…

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