Easier backups with duplicity and xtrabackup

backup duplicity xtrabackup

A little while ago I wrote a couple of scripts to take backups with duplicity and xtrabackup more easily; I am a little allergic to all the options and arguments you can use with both duplicity and xtrabackup, so these scripts use simple configuration files instead. You can find these scripts on Github at https://github.com/vitobotta/admin-scripts. xtrabackup I […]

Using Nginx to comply with a third-party API’s rate limits


API rate limits: the problem I have just started a little pet project today that involves the integration of APIs of various social networks. In order to prevent abuse, among other reasons, these APIs usually restrict the number of requests that a client (normally identified by IP address) can make in a given amount of […]

Copy files via an intermediate server with SSH/SCP


Sometimes I need to copy files from a remote server, but I can only access it through an intermediate server due to some restrictions. I can’t remember always how to do it so I thought I’d add some notes here which may hopefully save time to others; I bet there are many ways of doing […]

FileVault: User’s home directory on an encrypted second drive


FileVault 2 Using encryption on a laptop gives you peace of mind that if the laptop gets lost or stolen, others won’t be able to snoop inside your precious data. To this end, I’ve been using FileVault for years to encrypt my home directory; so I was glad that the new version introduced with Lion – also […]

Smarter, faster backups and restores of MySQL databases using mysqldump – and other useful tips


Sections: First, the basics… Speeding things up Working with remote hosts Other useful tips …and One More Thing Introduction This is the first part of a mini series that will cover various topics related to MySQL administration, as well as several tips and tricks on using MySQL in our applications. It will be a way […]

Using Google Translate from the terminal


( Update Jan 14, 2011: If you have already used this tip and are back to this post because it’s no longer working, read on… Google have updated the Translate API v2, so I have made some changes to the end of the post accordingly. ) In a previous post, I showed a nice shortcut […]

Using Google’s ‘define’ search feature from your terminal


(Update 05/04/2012: Google have slightly changed the format of URLs for search, so I have updated the snippets to take this and other small changes into account) Since I started writing content for this blog, and as English is not my mother tongue, I find myself using quite often various tools that help me either […]

Faster Internet browsing with alternative DNS servers and a local cache


It is no secret to power Internet users that DNS resolution is one of the factors that mostly affect the performance of our Internet browsing, and sometimes even a very fast broadband can become a pain if a poor DNS service is used. DNS -which stands for “Domain Name System“- is a protocol which makes use of […]